• Music ( Training for London Trinity college Music exams )
  • Choir
  • Karate
  • Dance
  • NSS
  • St Peters Green Circle
  • Art
  • Craft
  • Photography (11th Grade )
  • Trekking
  • Field events
  • School Band
  • Rowing ( 15 years champions in Kodaikanal Inter school competition )
  • Science exhibitions

Sports and Games:

…. for a healthier living!
The Indoor Stadium is an asset to our Institution. We consider Sports as the backbone of our Institution. Our students have been the District Champions over several years. The students who excel in Sports avail of Sports Scholarships offered by Foreign Universities.

On – Campus Coaching:

We have the best Cricket and Basketball teams in the District. Our Rowers have been the Champs in Boat Races for several years. Individual Coaches for each game coach and take care of each student’s improvement in the Game opted for.


The games offered are Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Shuttle, Badminton and Golf. The school teams play at District and State levels and add to the laurels every year.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Striking at the right note !

Tapping out the right talent !

Classes from Kindergarten to IX are trained to stage a programme of their own, every week. These ‘Talent Search Programmes’ initiate Personality Development of each individual beginning at their very early years at School. Elocution, Fancy Dress, Dance, Quiz, Extempore, Debate, Essay-Writing, Music Contests and Dramatics find places in the school’s calendar. Karate, Piano, Guitar and Bharathanatyam are taught as Optional Co-curricular courses.

Learning Outdoors:

Being a Hill Station, environmental education plays an important role in the life of the students of St. Peter’s.

  •   Field trips, Trekking and Specimen collection are the important aspects of methodology we use in the Learning Process.
  •   The students make use of the Horticultural Research Station, The Institute of Astrophysics, The Sacred Heart Museum, The Observatory and The Botanical Garden throughout the year

Off – The – Campus Coaching:

Students are trained in Golf, Horse Riding and Rowing by coaches specialised in the respective fields.

Service – Projects – NSS – Green Circle:

The School believes in nurturing the Child in the field of self-less service to the Community.

  •   With recognition by the Government the School has also started National service Scheme (NSS) for our Students, through which they are exposed to Village – life, Poverty and Socializing with the Community.
  •   The Student – members of the ‘Green Circle’ work through various projects like Forest Conservation and Water-Testing, to ensure that the novelty of Kodai remains unfaded.

They serve God well, who serve his creatures!

Spiritual Activities:

Spiritual Growth is just as important as the Physical, Intellectual and Social growth. The Institution being of Christian entity nurtures its students through a Christian way of understanding and Spirituality. But, the students of other Faiths are not forced to take part in such activities that include Chapel Prayers every evening and Services every Sunday evening.

  •   The Christian students are taken to Church to attend an English Order of Service every Sunday morning.
  •   A full-time Chaplain conducts all the Spiritual Activities

Indeed, a Spiritual Foundation is the best to build upon !

PTA Meetings:

The Overall growth and development of a child is best tackled when both Parents and Teachers work hand-in-hand. The two meet bi-annually to discuss the growth factors and help avoiding unsolved problems. The PTA Meetings build-up a cordial relationship between the Parents and the Teachers, thus enabling assisted complete growth of the children.