CBSE Talent Show – They Farm, We Eat!

CBSE Talent Show – They Farm, We Eat!

CBSE talent show was held on 4th March, 2017 and was centred around the theme – “Agriculture”. With the recent events in Tamil Nadu concerning farming, the students found it socially relevant to celebrate the noble profession of Agriculture. Parents and teachers were present in good numbers to encourage the performers with their animated cheering. The Director (Mr.Rohan Sambabu) and Administrator (Mrs. Nirmala Sambabu) were the Chief Guests, and added to the exciting atmosphere.

“They Farm, We Eat!” was the tagline which resonated across every performance. The program began with a Bible reading and a welcome address from the tiny tots of CBSE. A soul-stirring rendition of the prayer song by the CBSE choir was followed by a thought-provoking address from the Principal. The program was off to an energetic start with the Gangnam-style inspired dance by classes 1 to 3. It was an eye-opener to know the dance was inspired by the Gangnam district in South Korea which highlights the importance of agriculture in the development of a city. A moving speech in Hindi about agriculture in India “Jai Kisaan” by a student of class 6 was followed by folk dances from classes 4 and 5 and the angelic voices of the choir from classes 1 to 3.

The Tamil skit had a hard-hitting message for the audience – encourage local produce & products, and know its benefits. The skit was made more vibrant with the realistic stage props. The English skit – the World needs Farmers – was moving in its message of farming being a noble profession, one that is equally (and maybe more) important than that of a doctor or an engineer. A choreography performed in the art form of a “Street Play” brought a fitting finish to the theme with an awareness of the adverse actions of multi-national corporations in farming. The show was brought to an end with a fun-filled dance by the boys of class 8. The entire program was kept more interesting with solo instrumental performances by the students on the drums, keyboard and guitar and the spirited singing from the various class choirs.

Overall, it was an unforgettable evening and celebrated the spirit of farming!


Rithesh ( Grade 8) and Megha ( Grade 6)

Recycling and Reusing Project

This article has been written by Parkavi.P from Grade XII SCI

We, the students of class XII, started a recycling and reusing project from February 2016. The cabinet members have conducted this project to reduce the level of waste produced at the school.

We have placed separate dustbins for degradable and bio- degradable wastes. We created awareness regarding recycling and re-usability among the school students by placing stalls and displaying posters.

As a part of stall we had a student dressed up as a paperman to insist children to throw all waste into the appropriate dustbins and also we explained how to recycle bottles and reuse them. Presently we placed additional dustbins as a part of our project.

Class 7 Talent Search Programme

This article has been written by Gowsik M.

The class 7 talent search programme was held on 4th February 2017. The title given to the programme was “Ambitious”. The children of class 7 performed a variety of skits and dances. The programme was so entertaining and was packed with thought provoking messages. The speech by our chief guest Mr. Sambabu was on how parents should treat their children who are going to enter their teen-age. He threw a question to the parents whether they are updating themselves about the subject wise lessons taught to their children in the class. He requested the parents to know about their children’s progress and asked them to find their positives and negatives. He also emphasised the importance of reading books from library. The children staged two amazing skits.

Firstly, the English skit was acted on the topic “Ambitious”. The skit began with a conversation between a teacher and three students in a classroom. The conversation was about the importance of having ambition in life. The twist was when the mystical fairy enters and grants the children with their silly ambition. And the skit was concluded by quoting that one should not have silly ambition but a valuable one.

Secondly, was a Tamil skit which depicted the happenings in the hell. The skit carried a message that there is no place for a man without ambition even in hell. There were Classical dance, Flower dance and Boys’ western and folk dance. There was a musical fiesta where children played a wonderful rhythm with tumblers of water with different levels. And our musical instruments were paint boxes, chairs, biscuit boxes and sticks.

Finally, everyone rose up for national anthem and dispersed.

CBSE Science, Math & Technology Exhibition

This article has been written by Neha Grace of Grade 7 CBSE

The Science, Math and Technology Exhibition was held last Saturday, 28th January 2017. All the students had an opportunity to express their learning through models. Our Chief Guest was Principal, Mr. Michael Joshua. As soon as principal entered, he was presented a flower bouquet and a greeting card signed by all students and teachers of CBSE. Principal started the Exhibition by teaching us the word “serendipitous” which meant Accidental Invention. And he encouraged us to develop the skill of inventing. Then Principal went around to each and every student and listened to their explanation. Followed him came all classes from Matriculation to visit our exhibition. They were excited and enjoyed our exhibition.

Every child excelled in exhibition. But the main Attractions were,

Grade V

  • Magnetic Power by Madhu Bashini
  • Electric Fan by Catherine
  • Phone Charger by Nishi
  • Rain water harvesting by Jason
  • Pascal Triangle game by Nithrutha

Grade VI

  • Projector by Nishitha,Yogesh,Surjith and Prakash
  • Earphones by Shakthi, Bhuvanesh, Sujith and Archana
  • Electric Car by Megha, Albert and Bright Paul
  • Roll Top by Nishitha

Grade VII

  • Chocolate Vending Machine by Rithaniya, Neha Grace, Raasitha, Angel and Abhinaya
  • Working model of Pamban Bridge by Sundar
  • Rhombus puzzle by Deepa

Grade VIII

  • Cleaning Robot by Manesh
  • Motor boat by Rithesh
  • ATM machine by Jegan

In this experience we learnt a lot from errors, feedback, training, discussion, seeing and doing. It was a wonderful team work.

Republic Day

The celebration ceremony of 68th republic day was held in our school in the foggy morning of 26th January, 2017.

It started with the hoisting of the flag by our respected principal, Mr. Michael Joshua. Our heart soared as we saw the tricolour flag unfurl in the midst of light fog.

We then had our School Pupil Leader issue the saluting commands followed by speeches given by our own students in English and Tamil respectively.

Formally Manila and Udhya of class 8 spoke on the role of students in developing the nation. Later Jeba’s spoke about the Tamilians who stood united in Jallikattu protest. It was followed by a motivational speech given by Miss.Jesilda which enunciated the choice we have to choose the right leader.

To add a bit glamour to this occasion we had the class 8th girls sing a melodious patriotic Hindi song. To end this celebration we sang the national anthem and dispersed with smile in our faces and sweets in our hands.

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