Visit by the Youth Exchange Group from Brazil

Visit by the Youth Exchange Group from Brazil

St Peter’s School was delighted to have a Youth Exchange Group from Brazil visit us on the 5th of January. The students of grades 7 and 8 along with their teachers attended the brief exchange. Four representatives from Brazil, of various vocations, attended the meeting. After a brief introduction from both sides, the meeting proceeded with an interactive session between the students and the visitors.

Following is a few of the questions put forward by our curious students, and the replies of our visitors:

  1. What important festival is celebrated in a grand manner in your country?

The Carnival which is held annually in Rio de Janeiro is celebrated quite grandly in Brazil.

  1. What is the educational system like in Brazil?

The educational system comprises of children between 3 to 17 years old.

  1. What is your opinion of India?

My dream was to visit India some day. Now, thanks to this opportunity, my dream has come true! It’s a beautiful country and I am happy to be here.

  1. Which Indian foods appealed to your taste?

We like all the foods found here in India, but most of them are a bit too spicy for our taste! We especially like dosa and coconut. The wide variety of sweets and fruits are also quite mouth watering.

 Are there many Indians in Brazil?

There are not many Indians in Brazil. But the few who are there mostly live in San Paulo.

  1. Which city are you from and what is special about it?
  • Canela is a resort town in the mountain range of Brazil’s southernmost state and is also called the “Princess of the Hills”. It is 900 m from sea level and is known for its hydrangea blooms in spring. Canela is very similar to Kodai in its natural beauty, good weather and as a tourist destination.
  • Gramado is also a tourist destination situated 8 km from Canela. It is known for its infamous Christmas lights display where Christmas celebrations begin from October and ends in January. The most beautiful Christmas in Brazil is usually displayed and celebrated in Gramado.
  • Canores is part of the metropolitan of Rio de Janeiro with a population of 400,000. It has a diversified economy but has no agriculture!
  • Nova Iguacu is known as the “Shoe makers City” and is about 20 km from Canores.
  1. What is the significance behind the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro?

The statue was donated by France since 89% of the population of Brazil is Catholic. It is 38 m tall and its arms stretch 28 m wide. It is a symbol of Christianity across the world and is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

  1. What is the official language of Brazil? And what language is taught in schools?

The official language of Brazil is Portugese as it was colonized by the Portugese. In schools, the second language is either English, Spanish, French or German. Brazil is the ONLY country in South America that speaks  Portugese, whereas the rest of the country speaks in Spanish.

  1. In India, students who passed their 12th grade prefer to pursue their ambition in the engineering field. How is it in Brazil?

In Brazil, carriers in medicine and engineering are quite popular. But in the past few years, new opportunities have risen in the field of IT, biotechnology and other latest carriers.

10. Who is your favourite football player?

These days, the people’s favourite is Nemar, who plays for the team from Paris.

  1. Why is football very popular in Brazil? What other games do you play?

The football is the very first toy any child in Brazil plays with! So it automatically creates an interest and a passion for the sport. Volleyball is also a favourite and we have become world champions many times over.  Other games we play in Brazil include swimming, tennis and basketball.

  1. Can you tell us a few things about the Amazon?

It is the largest river in the world, located North of Brazil, in the middle of the biggest rainforest in the world. Some parts of the year when it rains heavily, the river overflows its banks. Its quite difficult to spot animals in the Amazon as they have many places to hide. You can easily spot wild animals in another rainforest called Pantanal.

  1. The Olympic Games was held in Brazil. What was the experience like?

It was an exciting and unforgettable experience! Most of the Olympic sports centres were located in Rio de Janeiro. And we were able to spot a few famous sports personalities as well.

  1. What kind of food is Brazil famous for?

Brazil is a large country. And each region has its own specialty. In Rio de Janeiro there are large areas for cattle grazing. Hence beef is eaten quite a lot there. Other than that black beans, potato and all kinds of Italian foods and Pastas are eaten by Brazilian people.

The meeting was concluded by a short acknowledgement from one of the members of the group.

“We are impressed by the educational level in India. Education is the basis of how all students rise up in future. We wish you all the best and thank you for a lovely experience in your school.”

he Brazilian group along with the students walked to the School’s Children’s park where they planted two trees to commemorate their visit to St. Peter’s.

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A small message from the Brazilian team :)“We are impressed by the educational level in India. Education is the basis…

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Math Day Celebrations

Math Day was celebrated in CBSE on 28th October.

Stefan Banach, a Polish mathematician and one of the world’s most important 20th century mathematicians, once said “Mathematics is the most beautiful and powerful creation of the human spirit”.

This day was dedicated to celebrate the creation of the human mind that has propelled mankind towards achieving greater things.

The students of classes 1 to 5 exhibited various mathematical models and charts. They created shapes out of various materials and displayed them. The charts were colourful and informative. Students of classes 4 and 5 had also come up with various mathematical games to engage the visitors to the exhibition. One such game was a guessing game, where the students were quickly able to guess the number in the visitor’s mind through a series of calculations. The little wizards of maths!

An interesting electrical model created by Monic Renishna of Class 5 had the answers to questions on the side light up when touched by a wire! Shefy of Class 4 had innovative technology used straws that were in the shape of a triangle, and took the shape of a trapezium when dipped into soapy water! These young minds used simple methods to bring to life mathematical expressions.

The highlight of the day was the inter-house math quiz conducted for classes 6 to 8. Each house team consisted of one student from each class.

The quiz started with two rounds of ‘Fastest Fingers First’ where the first team to answer bagged the points. Spring house were off to a great start and had a formidable lead throughout the two rounds. Simple Integer questions like (-1)*(-1)*(-1)*(-1)*(-1) were made interesting with the rush of adrenaline to quickly answer! The participants needed to stay sharp and alert to get the answers right.
The subsequent rounds included sudoku puzzles and math trivia.
There were some audience questions as well that got them abuzz with excitement.

An interesting question that popped up:

Give the mathematical value of this famous
Mathematical expression




Well, this question sure did stump a lot of the students! The teachers had given a picture of a pie and expected the students to associate it with Pi – 22/7 or 3.14 . What a clever way of getting those grey cells going!

Spring house were the clear winners of the day followed by Winter House, Autumn House and Summer House, respectively.

It really was an exciting day and rekindled amongst the students an interest in mathematics!

Here are some videos from the day:

Environmental walk to create awareness


“Go green, Clean and Green”

The students of St.Peter’s were privileged to take part in a rally to make Kodaikanal Clean and Green . Tag line – ” Clean Kodai Green Kodai” on 09.09.2017 (Saturday) which was organized by Rotary club of Kodaikanal. The rally was presided by the District Collector of Dindigul Dr. T. G. Vinay and Rotary President Mr.Rohan Sam Babu.
Around 700 students took part in the rally in which 350 were peterites accompanied by teachers. The starting point of the rally was from Kalaiarangam which ended at the Moonjikkal junction which was around 4 kms. The participants of the rally educated the public in keeping the city clean by holding hoardings in their hands and by distributing pamphlets.
At the end of the program, Mr.Rohan Sambabu gave a speech about keeping the city clean and the changes required in the society.

Report by Venkata of class XI

1st All India Open FIDE Rated Chess Tournament

St. Peter’s is proud to announce that we are hosting our first all India open FIDE rated chess tournament between the 18th and 21st of May 2017.

With the help of our partners we are excited to announce that there will be over 130 prizes to be won, which are worth over Rs 3,00,000/-

Entry fees are Rs/ 1,500 for general entry and Rs. 1,400 for players from the Dindigul district, Grandmasters(GM), Woman Grandmasters (WGM),  International Masters(WIM) and Woman International Masters(WIM).

Entry fees can be paid online through, through netbanking or in cash directly to the Dindigul District Chess Association(DDCA). Once the payment has been made please ensure to send your details to Mr. Abdul Nazer, the secretary of the Dindigul District Chess Association at this address Axiom Centre, 44/66 South Car Street, Dindigul – 624 001, Tamil Nadu.

You can also contact the Dindigul District Chess Association on these phone numbers 0451 242 6005 or 092 451 24106 or by email on [email protected]

If you would like to use NetBanking to make your entry fee payments please use the details listed below:
Bank Name: Canara Bank,
Branch Name: Main Branch Dindigul
Account Number: 1006101019458
IFSC Code: CNRB0001006

Last date for entry is 14th May 2017

Please see the linked file for more information about the Tournament rules

Igniting Young Minds – A Rotary Initiative

This article was written by Godpray and Merlin Alex of Grade XI

The Rotary Club of Kodaikanal conducted a RYLA(Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) program on the topic: “Igniting Young Minds”. Seventy students from seven different schools attended the program.

The program began with a short speech from the president of Rotary Club, Rtn. PHF Rajkumar Raman, followed by a grace by the club director Rtn. Azad. Rtn. PHF C.J. Jaswanth introduced the chief guest Rtn. Prof. Raja Govindaswamy from Thiagarajan College of Arts and Science, Madurai.

When the chief guest addressed the students, he focused on three aspects of Life i.e. personality, team spirit and leadership. He quoted, “A leader is one who organises himself before managing others”. He also gave us details on developing an effective skill set which included interpersonal and decision making skills.

The trainer for the second session was Mrs. Bala Gopal, from the National Chamber in Theni. She spoke about decision making, time management and goal setting. She also gave us an easy way of recollecting the points discussed that included the 5D’s of life which were Direction, Dedication, Determination, Discipline and Deadline. She also insisted that time lost cannot be regained again in life. Towards the end participation certificates were presented to the students.

The sessions were extremely useful and enlightening, and we were pleased to share our experience and learning with our friends.

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