Math Day Celebrations

Math Day was celebrated in CBSE on 28th October.

Stefan Banach, a Polish mathematician and one of the world’s most important 20th century mathematicians, once said “Mathematics is the most beautiful and powerful creation of the human spirit”.

This day was dedicated to celebrate the creation of the human mind that has propelled mankind towards achieving greater things.

The students of classes 1 to 5 exhibited various mathematical models and charts. They created shapes out of various materials and displayed them. The charts were colourful and informative. Students of classes 4 and 5 had also come up with various mathematical games to engage the visitors to the exhibition. One such game was a guessing game, where the students were quickly able to guess the number in the visitor’s mind through a series of calculations. The little wizards of maths!

An interesting electrical model created by Monic Renishna of Class 5 had the answers to questions on the side light up when touched by a wire! Shefy of Class 4 had innovative technology used straws that were in the shape of a triangle, and took the shape of a trapezium when dipped into soapy water! These young minds used simple methods to bring to life mathematical expressions.

The highlight of the day was the inter-house math quiz conducted for classes 6 to 8. Each house team consisted of one student from each class.

The quiz started with two rounds of ‘Fastest Fingers First’ where the first team to answer bagged the points. Spring house were off to a great start and had a formidable lead throughout the two rounds. Simple Integer questions like (-1)*(-1)*(-1)*(-1)*(-1) were made interesting with the rush of adrenaline to quickly answer! The participants needed to stay sharp and alert to get the answers right.
The subsequent rounds included sudoku puzzles and math trivia.
There were some audience questions as well that got them abuzz with excitement.

An interesting question that popped up:

Give the mathematical value of this famous
Mathematical expression




Well, this question sure did stump a lot of the students! The teachers had given a picture of a pie and expected the students to associate it with Pi – 22/7 or 3.14 . What a clever way of getting those grey cells going!

Spring house were the clear winners of the day followed by Winter House, Autumn House and Summer House, respectively.

It really was an exciting day and rekindled amongst the students an interest in mathematics!

Here are some videos from the day: