Class 7 Talent Search Programme

This article has been written by Gowsik M.

The class 7 talent search programme was held on 4th February 2017. The title given to the programme was “Ambitious”. The children of class 7 performed a variety of skits and dances. The programme was so entertaining and was packed with thought provoking messages. The speech by our chief guest Mr. Sambabu was on how parents should treat their children who are going to enter their teen-age. He threw a question to the parents whether they are updating themselves about the subject wise lessons taught to their children in the class. He requested the parents to know about their children’s progress and asked them to find their positives and negatives. He also emphasised the importance of reading books from library. The children staged two amazing skits.

Firstly, the English skit was acted on the topic “Ambitious”. The skit began with a conversation between a teacher and three students in a classroom. The conversation was about the importance of having ambition in life. The twist was when the mystical fairy enters and grants the children with their silly ambition. And the skit was concluded by quoting that one should not have silly ambition but a valuable one.

Secondly, was a Tamil skit which depicted the happenings in the hell. The skit carried a message that there is no place for a man without ambition even in hell. There were Classical dance, Flower dance and Boys’ western and folk dance. There was a musical fiesta where children played a wonderful rhythm with tumblers of water with different levels. And our musical instruments were paint boxes, chairs, biscuit boxes and sticks.

Finally, everyone rose up for national anthem and dispersed.