CBSE Talent Show – They Farm, We Eat!

CBSE Talent Show – They Farm, We Eat!

CBSE talent show was held on 4th March, 2017 and was centred around the theme – “Agriculture”. With the recent events in Tamil Nadu concerning farming, the students found it socially relevant to celebrate the noble profession of Agriculture. Parents and teachers were present in good numbers to encourage the performers with their animated cheering. The Director (Mr.Rohan Sambabu) and Administrator (Mrs. Nirmala Sambabu) were the Chief Guests, and added to the exciting atmosphere.

“They Farm, We Eat!” was the tagline which resonated across every performance. The program began with a Bible reading and a welcome address from the tiny tots of CBSE. A soul-stirring rendition of the prayer song by the CBSE choir was followed by a thought-provoking address from the Principal. The program was off to an energetic start with the Gangnam-style inspired dance by classes 1 to 3. It was an eye-opener to know the dance was inspired by the Gangnam district in South Korea which highlights the importance of agriculture in the development of a city. A moving speech in Hindi about agriculture in India “Jai Kisaan” by a student of class 6 was followed by folk dances from classes 4 and 5 and the angelic voices of the choir from classes 1 to 3.

The Tamil skit had a hard-hitting message for the audience – encourage local produce & products, and know its benefits. The skit was made more vibrant with the realistic stage props. The English skit – the World needs Farmers – was moving in its message of farming being a noble profession, one that is equally (and maybe more) important than that of a doctor or an engineer. A choreography performed in the art form of a “Street Play” brought a fitting finish to the theme with an awareness of the adverse actions of multi-national corporations in farming. The show was brought to an end with a fun-filled dance by the boys of class 8. The entire program was kept more interesting with solo instrumental performances by the students on the drums, keyboard and guitar and the spirited singing from the various class choirs.

Overall, it was an unforgettable evening and celebrated the spirit of farming!


Rithesh ( Grade 8) and Megha ( Grade 6)