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Testimonials from students and teachers from St. Peter’s School Kodaikanal

Shendrew describes the school a magical and a special place to be

St. Peter’s Mat. Hr. Secondary School – Kodaikanal, South India – a home away from home set in a lush, green, quiet town high up in the hills

My sister and I joined the school with the fear and anxiety of being in a foreign country, in a completely new environment away from our parents and friends. But it didn’t take long for us to realise that we had indeed landed in a magical place.

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Tom’s experience at Peters as an expat teacher

I taught at Peter’s School for one academic year when I was much younger than I am today! In fact teaching at Peter’s was my first experience of the world of work. I was humbled by the welcome I received when I arrived and the hospitality that was given me throughout my stay. As everyone who is connected with Peters will tell you, support is readily at hand. Knowing this gave a young man thousands of miles away from home the confidence to take on the teaching role.
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Adithy shares about the independent person she is today because of St.Peters boarding school

When children think of boarding school they immediately get scared and upset and begin to hate the idea. That was me. My first one-hour in school I was scared to see what was ahead of me. But within the next few hours I was just like the other normal kids around. This is my first memory of  boarding  school and will always be remembered.

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Lecturer Priya talks about how the school has helped her develop her academic skills

Peters has a holistic value system that takes academic, spiritual, social and emotional development into consideration when educating every child

As academic achievement is highly valued, the teachers were always around to provide support. The management team and the teachers were not only innovative educators, but also passionate mentors and team motivators for a wide range of activities and initiatives.
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