Beyond Boundaries we hope to establish Universal Brotherhood!

Identifying itself as a Christian Institution, St.Peters emphasizes on oneness amidst children from diverse culture and religious faith.

Learning outside the classroom is given more importance – Learning by doing!

More freedom is given to the children to motivate asking questions boldly, to criticize and live without fear of education in the campus.


Our ultimate aim is to encourage academic excellence and at the same time fostering individual talents in Sports and all other activities as to those which suit each individual’s interests.

Discipline, Integrity, Leadership and Responsibility are to be inculcated thorough observation of each student as an individual.

How do we work at achieving our objectives?

  • Faculty-student interaction is motivated in order to improve the student as one whole being
  • Surplus time is spent with children whose reading, handwriting and speaking skills have to be improved.
  • Winter classes for students taking up Government Exams.
  • Special Education through hours of intensive coaching for the slow learners, and those with learning disabilities.
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) classes are conducted for foreign students before they are put under the regular curriculum.
  • Counselling is done by the School Chaplain, Experienced teachers and Experts from various other places.
  • Our Indoor Stadium is the only one of its kind in Kodaikanal.