PDG J Sambabu (Jerome Samuel)

ACHIEVEMENTS : Recipient of Dr. Radhakrishnan award for the Best Principal by the Government of Tamilnadu for the year 1996-97.
ROLE IN THE SOCIETY : Executive Member Resource Person Rotary International South Asia Literacy Mission.
Rotary District Governor (2005-06),
Vice President of the Tamilnadu Cricket Association,Chennai (2004 to 2007),
Ex-Chairman, Van Allen Hospital, Kodaikanal.
MAJOR PROJECTS : Installed Sodium Vapour Lamps in the city during his President ship of Rotary Club of Kodaikanal
Installed Children’s Park near the Lake during his Secretaryship of Rotary Club of Kodaikanal.
Installed about 30 bore wells in and around Kodaikanal city and 80 bore wells in the District during his Governorship.
MAJOR DONOR : Contributed 22,OOO US Dollars to TRF
In his Governorship period 2005-06 RT District 3000 members started giving for TRF because of his talk on the importance of service.
SPORTS : Outstanding Golfer
Table Tennis (University Player)
Basket Ball, Ball Badminton